Catherine GarnierFounder and Honorary President

Catherine Garnier is a retired professor from the Université du Québec à Montréal, but she is still very active!

Milton N. CamposIRGSR Director


Information about Milton N. Campos can be found here.

Isabelle Beaudin  IRGSR Coordinator


Doctoral candidate in communication at the Université du Québec à Montreal, Ms. Beaudin holds a Master of Communication (International profile) whose "In memory of the hearth fare buddy: Perceptions and practices of power in French Polynesia in the European elections 1999 "earned him a mention and a scholarship from UQAM.

She is a trained communication scholar who is presently working as Instructor at the Department of Social and Public Communication at the UQAM and the Department of Arts and Communications from the University of Sherbrooke. She has taught, over the past six years, courses on theories and practices of public relations and marketing communication, in addition to supervising internships. With an extensive experience in public organizations, Mrs. Beaudin has an expertisein areas such as communication of public policy, public communications, public relations, public affairs, marketing communications and communication for sustainable development.

From an interdisciplinary approach to the foundations of anthropology, social psychology and sociology, the thesis project of Madame Beaudin aims to analyze and compare the practices and perceptions of governance as well as sustainable development of two communities that have both adopted a common public policy, Agenda 21 She is currently writing her thesis under the direction of Professor Claude-Yves Charron.

Cristina Grabovschi


Cristina Grabovschi is Professor at the Université de Hearst. Previously, she was Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Family Medicine of the Université de Sherbrooke. She also has a position as Researcher at the Research Centre of Charles LeMoyne Hospital, in Longueil-Montreal, Canada. Miss Grabovschi is trained as Psychologist at the undergraduate level. She obtained a Master degree in Psychology from the Universitatea din Bucuresti, in Bucharest, Romania, where she also completed a doctoral training in the same discipline, without defending a dissertation.

In Canada, she completed a Master degree in Communication as well as a PhD in Applied Human Sciences at the Université de Montréal. Her doctoral dissertation, supervised by Milton N. Campos, dealt with the problem of children alimentation as related with infant health, in which Mrs. Grabovschi explored the variables of age and culture (her research subjects were children from Québec, from Romania living in Québec, and from Romania), applying natural logic as a method of discourse analysis.

Her present research interests, from a critical-constructivist perspective, relate to the problem of integrating disciplines such as Communication and Social Psychology, converging to the field of representations, from individual to social representations passing by « socialized » ones, an original contribution of her doctoral dissertation. Mrs. Grabovschi is also interested in the development of natural logic as a methodological tool, having the goal of applying it in the contexts of studies with populations in need.