The DLATRS  – Discursive Logic, Argumentation Theory and Rhetoric – is a research centre that was founded in 2000 within the Faculty of Philosophy of the Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza at Iasi, in Romania. The centre has been developing research on issues regarding performative discursivity and has developed a number of international collaborations.

The DLATRS goals are mostly related to the development of argumentation theory – the structure of argumentation, research prospects on argumentation analyses, argumentation techniques strategies, the argumentation field –; of rhetoric and the art of oratory – the construction of the oral discourse, persuasion and convincing, the classic art of oratory, modern applications of the art of oratory such as publicity, propaganda, contemporary audio-visual discourse –; and of the question of writing – philosophical discourse and writing, interrogation theory, political discourse, figurativity and the real, and the specifics of journalism writing.

Among many research issues, the DLATRS focus on the development of argumentation techniques applied to journalism practices, philosophical discourse hypostasis, and the language of participatory democracy. In addition, the DLATRS publishes Argumentum, a peer-reviewed journal on the main research themes of the centre.