Founded in 1969 by Professor Jean-Blaise Grize, then headed by Professor Denis Miéville from 1987, the Semiology Research Center is institutionally linked to the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Neuchâtel. Its research focuses on Natural Logic, and on the logic of Stanisław Leśniewski.


The Research Centre on Natural Logic (CRLN – Centro di ricerca della logica naturale) of the University of Bergamo, in Italy, was founded a decade ago. Its objective is to advance knowledge on genetic epistemology, particularly developmental psychology, and on natural logic.


Interdisciplinary research group on social representations.


The LANCE – Laboratory for the Analysis of Communication in Education, researchers has the goal of developing communication analysis tools in contexts of educational practices. LANCE’S researches are based on a theoretical and methodological approach that integrate natural logic with argumentation theory, having processes of social representations at its core.


The Seminar on Discursive Logic, Argumentation Theory and Rhetoric is a research centre founded in 2000 at the Faculty of Philosophy od "Alexander I. Cuza" University in Iasi, Romania. The centre focusses on research related to discursive performativity.