Founded in 1969 by Professor Jean-Blaise Grize, then chaired by Professor Denis Miéville from 1987, the Semiology Research Center is institutionally linked to the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Neuchâtel. Its research focuses on natural logic, and on the logic of Stanisław Leśniewski.

The staff of the SRC is made of scientists employed by the Swiss National Council for Scientific Research (FN), free-lance collaborators, doctoral students and fellows, graduate students, research assistants and the centre director. The SRC has welcome many researchers. The list is not complete, but it is interesting to mention some of them: Professor Denis Apothéloz (Nancy University), Professor Milton N. Campos (University of Montreal), Professor Emilio Gattico (University of Bergamo), Professor Dr. Christiane Gilliéron (University of Geneva), Dr. Nadine Gessler (University of Neuchâtel), Professor Peter Joray (University Rennes I), Dr. François Lepage (University of Montreal), Professor Constantin Salavastru (University of Iasi, Romania), Professor Denis Vernant (University of Grenoble), Professor Pierre Vergès (University of Provence), and Professor Pierre-Yves Brandt (University of Geneva).

Many studies have been conducted within the framework of the SRC research, both for the development of Natural Logic and for its methodological implementation, in order to highlight the cognitive and representative subtleties of certain discursive procedures, as well for the development of the logic of Stanisław Leśniewski. It is useful to mention studies such as: The Study of Analogy; Formal and Informal Relationships; Examples and Explanations; About Descriptions; A Psycho-genetic Approach to Argumentation; About Definition; Rational Organizations; Natural Logic; and The Development of Maximal Formal Logic.